Ends of Man

Ends of Man

Zharmae Anthology

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Author: Anna McDermott
Length: 384 page(s)
Written: Mar 2012
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: scifi, anthology, zharmae, short stories, collection

Anthology of nine author's work on the end of man, singularly or collectively.

Within the offerings of the �Ends of Man: Anthology�, you will travel to the stars or into the depths of a human heart. Solve a mystery or challenge the very nature of belief. Watch civilizations rise and fall. Ask questions about your most basic assumptions and stare down the ghosts of those whose stories were ended too soon. Nine authors share with you, their intimate views of the human experience in future societies and at the end of existence.

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ANNA MCDERMOTT is an Inland Northwest native, attended both Washington State University and the University of Idaho, and currently lives in Eastern Washington. She is passionate about literature and a bit deconstructionist by nature. Anna cares deeply about the creative process and is fascinated by the genesis of good work. Her hobbies include every possible permutation
of nerdiness, along with writing, road trips, and a myriad of unusual handicrafts. She
also enjoys watching terrible movies just to pick them apart, naps, and annoying the cat.

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