English, Special Training for Beginners, Elementary Level

English, Special Training for Beginners, Elementary Level

English, Fluency Practice, Elementary Level

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Author: Alexander Pavlenko
Length: 45 page(s)
Written: Sep 2014
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Category: Education & Teaching » Foreign Languages  |  Work: Training course
Keywords: one minute fluency training drills, english, sample sentences, simple stories, topics for beginners, elementary grammar, questions

Teaches a beginner how to learn to speak English in the shortest possible time.

This book for beginners has proved to be ideal for students of English who would like to start to speak the language fluently at a very early stage. The volume consists of five sections dealing with basic English grammar structures. Each section contains 250 sample sentences on fifty topics. The book is aimed at the development of the learner's fluency in speech through fluency practice drills.

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Russian-Hungarian roots. Born in Russia. Presently lives in Budapest, Hungary. Teaches Russian, English and Hungarian in his own language school. Uses his own method which enables his students to speak and think in the language from the very first lessons. Enjoys taking on tough challenges like dealing with elderly people, dyslexic children, students with minor mental disorders. Strongly believes that if the method works for such students, it works for anyone. Has published books based on the method in English, Russian and Hungarian.

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