European Union

European Union

Law, Institutions, ,Trade, Future - 2nd edition

Author: Jacques N. Couvas
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 800 page(s)
Written: Sep 2016
Sales Rank: 20 XinXii Sales Rank
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Category: Law » International  |  Work: Textbook
Keywords: EU Law, European Union, Europe, EEC, Treaty of Lisbon, Internal Market, Enlargement, Trade, TTIP, Schengen, Immigration, Brexit, Euro, Angela Merkel, Commission, European Council, European Parliament, Turkey, QMV, ECJ

Fully revised and expanded 2nd edition of 'EU Law and Institutions.

"European Union: Institutions, Law, Trade, Future" aims at familiarising management students, managers and executives with the institutional structure of the European Union, its legal system, and the decision-making process after the adoption by the Member States of the Treaty of Lisbon.Its 2nd edition expands on EU Competition Policy and also covers international and transatlantic trade, enlargement and scenarios for the future of the Union. The book is likely to also prove useful to students of political sciences and economics, and to law students who have not had specialised instruction on the subject.

Managers and executives, from EU Member States and from third countries, will find answers to practical questions concerning the role of the Union's principal institutions, and their impact on business issues.

The recent Greek, migration and Brexit crises and the rise of populist parties from Italy to Sweden and to the East have revived the interest among citizens as to the purpose and governance of the EU institutions, which have acquired unprecedented power that impacts our daily activities and finances.

In addition to covering the main subjects of constitutional, law-giving, competition policy of the EU, its international trade, and the Commission's ambitious enlargement programme, the author discusses the need for the Union to further reform its operating frame in order to set the foundation for 'Europe of the 21st century', and outlines possible scenarios for doing so.

Students and managers from countries which are candidates for, or aspire to membership, are likely to find this text helpful in understanding Europe in clear terms. A dedicated website and blog provides updates on the topics covered in the book and on new issues of actuality.

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About the Author

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Jacques N. Couvas is an academic, international jurist and business and political analyst. He has extensive experience as a senior executive, CEO and board director with multinational corporations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North America, and as head of industry associations and advocacy movements.

His research and teaching interests are in strategy, leadership, governance, cross-cultural management, and EU law. His analysis work focuses on EU, Balkan and Middle Eastern affairs.

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Customer Reviews (1 review)  
Best book to understand how Europe works Oct 6, 2018
by Anonymous
I am an avid reader of books on Europe. This work, European Union Institutions, Law, Trade, Future is the most comprehensive and readable I have read in recent times.

It is not a strictly-speaking law manual or collection of official texts, but it covers other, more practical aspects of the internal and external relations of the Union. As an executive dealing with the Commission and other agencies of the EU, I felt I grasped notions that had been too esoteric for me and colleagues.

I also liked the coverage of international trade and competition topics. The EU is increasingly engaged in Free Trade Agreements and I got a better understanding of the variety in such associations. Also, coming from a third (non-EU) country, I found that explaining the competition policy of the EU quite useful, because much of my business is conducted in the Union, where compliance with their regulations, directives, etc. is a must for European and non-European corporations.

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