Fall in Love Again

Fall in Love Again

Secret to Unlock Your Man's Heart and Win Him Back Forever

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Author: Nevaeh Michael
Length: 57 page(s)
Written: Sep 2012
Sales Rank: 17 XinXii Sales Rank
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Category: Guidebooks » Relationships  |  Work: Guidebook
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Secret to unlock your man's heart and win him back forever

Marriage is like a roller coaster. You’ll face the bumps, the loops, and you’ll be on the ride of your life. Marriage would be the only roller coaster that you wish would never end. You don’t want anyone to steal your special seat because you know that’s when your relationship will completely end.

However, right now, you are at the point of your life when your special roller coaster is starting to slow down. You know the reason why but you don’t know how to stop it. You’re stuck at a point and you don’t know what to do afterwards.

You feel like you’ve tried everything and that nothing is working for you. Even so, you don’t want to give up on your relationship. You want to keep going. You want to keep the flames burning between you and your partner, but you’re lost as to where point A starts and where point B ends.

That is why this book will help you stay on the proper track. It’ll tell you about what you might be doing wrong and what you can change in your relationship. It’ll become like your secret weapon; a secret recipe that only you know.

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