Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Angels and Demons, Book one

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Author: J. C. Seal
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 229 page(s)
Written: Mar 2019
Sales Rank: - XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 44

Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: urban fantasy, angels, demons, alternate universe, fantasy, mythology, friendship, love, danger, Aimee Easterling

A story about friendship, family and facing a danger threatening those you love.

Cursed and stripped of his powers by an Angel in his youth, Half-Demon Bela has tried to stay away from humans all his life. But one day, he discovers that he is not alone, that there are others like him. Finally seeing a purpose in life, he dedicates himself to finding and saving those like himself, founding a small community of outcasts, called The Farm.

When investigative journalist Alec Hunt discovers The Farm and its secrets and befriends Bela, his whole existence is turned upside down - until not only The Farm is at risk, but the fate of the whole world is at stake.
Will Bela be able to make the right decisions, right the wrongs and stand his ground against other Demons, among them his own father, to prevent chaos from ruling the world?

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