False Impressions

False Impressions

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Author: Stanley Woods-Frankel
Length: 240 page(s)
Written: Sep 2012
Sales Rank: 16 XinXii Sales Rank
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Mystery & Crime  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: murder mystery, murder, mystery, new york, fiction, crime, serial killer, zoo

Murder is not new to New York City but this serial killer is and so is the hero.

Murder is not new to New York City. It does, however, have a new player. Savaging his victims one by one, he leads us on a twisting chase down a path of gruesome deaths. The evidence is tantalizingly familiar, yet eerily strange.

Consulting on the case with the New York Police Department is Steve Landau, forensic odontologist. He has one foot loosely tied in the expected and the other firmly planted outside the norm. Divorced, living on a sailboat with his cat, he switches from murder investigator to loving father as easily as he changes the gears in his Porsche. Steve struggles to understand the evidence extracted from each grisly murder. He is joined by Detective Lonnie Wright, former NFL linebacker, and Nita Lazar, a forensic psychologist. As the three follow the elusive truth, what seems to be real is pieced together, bit by chilling bit, to reveal a shocking reality.

Nothing is obvious in False Impressions. Not the hero. Not the villain. Certainly, not the truth.

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Stanley Woods-Frankel | Author on XinXii.com

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Dr. Stanley Woods-Frankel is a member of the American Society of Forensic Odontology. He has worked closely with the New York Police Department, written articles for professional publications, testified as an expert witness, lectured extensively, and appeared on radio and TV.

Stanley completed the masters writing program at New York University, is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, and participates in a bi-monthly writer’s group. He lives in New York City with his wife, Elayna.

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