fate of abusive relationship

fate of abusive relationship

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Author: satish arora
Length: 254 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Jan 2015
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Keywords: domestic violence, domestic abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical violence, verbal abuse, spiritual abuse, financial abuse, economic exploitation,

my story about divorce I went through soon after coming to US from India

We can see hundreds of books about men being abusive to women. Men are generally perceived to be abusive. Behind these perceptions, women secretly and slowly abuse in a silent manner like slow venom. And by the time one realizes, it is too late and man is already tangled in the web.
Often men don’t like to talk about abuses they go through behind closed doors. It is matter of insult and they lose their integrity. But when abusive behaviour crosses the thresholds, they start to defend themselves behind their gender being abused instead.
So, I confronted the behaviour, not the way she ought to confront my behaviour, but the way she ought to confront rational behaviour. I asked for an explanation, asked for examples of the generalizations made by her, and asked her to make sense of the abuse.
But I was losing. Her—verbal, and emotional abuses included—do not act rationally. Asking me for a reason or trying to reason with her is pointless. She had no good reasons for behaving the way she did. She would respond with more abuses. You cannot reason with an abuser. A verbal abuser will define your reality, decide what you can or cannot do, and treat you as an (in-her-eyes) ugly part of herself, a part that she have to undermine in order to keep up her own sense of self.
There is only one way to end verbal abuse: Call it to the abuser’s attention.
If that doesn’t work, the only way out is to leave, as fast as you can. I did leave but not fast enough.
It’s up to you to judge. It does not matter now as game is over. If you can get something from my story, It will be worth and blessings.
There is complete details in the book can read at http://satish.me

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I had to come back to India due to an accident caused by an uninsured motorist on Apr 28th 2015 for L4 Laminectomy, L5-5 Discectomy, b/L-4-5 Transpedicular Screw and Rod Fixation along with posterior lumber Intervertebral Body Fusion under GA.
Prior to my current business, I had been working in various fields and organizations. That includes 10 years of Indian Navy in Logistic support, 2 Years in multinational abrasive material industry, 2 Years in Christ is the Answer team touring villages in India, 2 Years in Printing Ink Industry as a store executive, 7 years in Sultanate of Oman Army as Instructor of Logistic support, 22 years in Taxi and limousine services in the USA.
Education: Hindi medium high school dropout. I left home in 1964 towards an unknown destination. After spending 3 years in various towns in India doing various jobs, returned home. On my mother’s persuasion I did odd jobs and appeared for graduated from Hindi medium school Board exam.
As of today my son lives in Mumbai/Goa with occasional strained contacts and daughter somewhere in Sacramento CA with no contact from last 1995

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