Finally Free

Finally Free

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Author: Ankita Masih
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 48 page(s)
Written: Sep 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Poetry  |  Work: Poem
Keywords: Sadness, Misery, Tragedy, Imagination, Love, Relationships, Bonds, Romance, Slice of life, Mother’s love, Teacher, Respect, Darkness, Light, Inner turmoil, Emotions, Ignorance, Truth of life, Hope, Feelings, female poetry, Indian poetry, poetry and emotions

Poems that rock adulthood with the sweetness of love and outburst of emotions

This poetry book is a mixture of emotions, frustration, feelings and above all a dedication to literature which many people nowadays have forgotten or have overlooked. I can’t say that I am very well versed in literature myself as I still have long way to go but I know I love literature because it has given me a way to express, a very shy person by nature I never really liked standing out. So this book may just be a way for me to get in the spot light for doing something I absolutely love and adore and that for me is contentment.

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One can write a million words but only a few important words are required to touch someone’s heart with your own. I am just another writer who is trying to touch someone’s heart with my own. Although only 17 years of age and still studying. I have known enough to know that you need at least someone who can understand and can touch your heart with their words. I just hope my words and wisdom which is still developing are enough to actually touch your heart.

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