Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom

Author: JB Malatji
Length: 96 page(s)
Written: July 2016
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Keywords: Financial literacy, financial freedom, financial ignorance, personal financial management, personal financial planning, personal financial organization, financial wisdom, financial know-how, financial ratios, investment ratios, personal financial success, savings, investments, financial knowledge

Foundation for the financial empowerment of individuals, entrepreneurs and small

The times we live in somehow encourage instantaneous obtainment of things at the expense of and utter disregard to hard work, patience and know-how. The author in this book echoes the disadvantage of the financially illiterate as that of being vulnerable to those trusted to have their best interest at heart. The financially illiterate easily fall prey to malevolent parties including consultants, financial institutions and their very own governments. To emphasize his utter dismay of such parasitic and predatory tendencies, the author highlights the importance of financial literacy by metaphorically referring to the two types of people, those who go out and make things happen and those prepared to eat crumbs from their masters’ tables. The author further explains the importance of life’s teachings which are aimed at producing in us the qualities that we could never acquire through or from any institution of learning.

In explaining the importance of financial literacy, the author advises readers to start taking care of the basic financial matters that are often ignored in their quest for wealth creation. The author takes the readers through the basic reading and interpretation of financial statements so that they could be able to make informed financial decisions as they begin their journey of wealth creation. He has included questions at the end of each chapter to help readers to test their understanding of the text. The book is written as a guide to acquiring financial literacy in the quest for wealth creation.

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JB Malatji is a married father of two, an author, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a business and management consultant. He is passionate about people development and is inspired by the resilient nature of the human spirit, potent with power unimaginable to achieve things that even those possessing it cannot begin to fathom.

JB Malatji always encourages his audience to choose paths that will result in their pursuit of purpose, the determination for success in life, to always tap into the power of forgiveness to unleash their potential to be great, and learn skills relating to triumphs over tragedies.

JB Malatji has written three books, one on personal financial development, one on business development, and one fiction on adventure and survival. After all of what benefit is success without a good caring character?

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Relevance of the content Aug 8, 2013
by Jacob Basimanebotlhe Malatji
I have gone through the book more than 10 times and every time I read it I realise how universal the principles contained in this book are. It is a book that covers basic issues that we often neglect from personal financial management to equipping readers on the basics for wealth creation. One does not have to have financial background to fully comprehend the principles discussed in this book. It is relevant as it speaks to how we should handle our finances and more importantly it reminds us of the importance of taking care of the basics first as we embark on our journey for financial freedom

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