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Author: Jacob Peyton
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 140 page(s)
Written: July 2018
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Horror  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: sharks, shark attacks, large sharks, bull sharks, shark novels, books about sharks, beach thriller, seaside suspense, ocean horror, ocean suspense novels, books that take place in the ocean, seamonsters fiction, creature feature fiction, horror books, thriller novels

In These Waters the Predator Can Easily Become the Prey!

Captain Jake Taylor is a man haunted by the past and the monster that swims there. He and his father are unable to move past the tragedy that tore their family apart. The only thing they have left is revenge.

But when party goers on a Yacht get caught up in the path of a deadly storm. They end up smack in the middle of the Taylor’s hunt for this apex predator and it will take everything they have to make it out alive.

Can they survive and put an end to this man-eater once and for all or will they just drop another notch on the food chain?

If you liked Jaws then this suspense-packed ocean thrill ride will keep you glued to every page!

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Jacob Peyton is a science fiction and horror writer from rural Virginia. When he's not writing he enjoys B-movies, spaghetti westerns, traveling to strange places, and playing old video games. To contact him or to see more of his work go to www.jacobpeyton.com or on twitter @jkylepeyton

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