From Jarrow to Java (on a beer scooter)

From Jarrow to Java (on a beer scooter)

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Author: Joe Writeson
Length: 217 page(s)
Written: Apr 2014
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Category: Travel & Emigration » Travel Experiences  |  Work: Travelogue
Keywords: Jarrow; Java; travel; East Java; Bali; Indonesia; expat; project; power station; interaction; interracial marriage; tolerance; holiday; relationships; money

Based on some of the unique characters and situations encountered in Java.

A book based on some of the unique characters and situations encountered in the course of a large construction project in East Java during a crucial time in Indonesia’s history .The cast includes all the usual suspects Europeans, Australians, Americans etc. but the starring roles are Indonesians.The account is based around the job, the impact on the area, the people, the ladies, the pubs, the problems, the perceptions...and misconceptions. Featuring an introduction to Javanese customs and culture plus their effect on interaction between expats and locals, including the often weird and wonderful way that Indonesians view foreigners how some Westerners behave when given the ‘keys to the sweetie shop’.The timescale covers immediately before, during and after the downfall of the Soeharto regime.Although based in Indonesia the anecdotes will appeal to anyone who would like to expand their social and geographical boundaries, and just possibly gain an insight into how other people live, laugh, endure…and survive.

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Born in the North East of England in a solid working class environment, worked firstly in the Tyneside shipyards then the fledgling North Sea Oil industry that opened up a whole new vista and way of life.Escaped the local desolation of redundancy and limited opportunities and over the next thirty years traveled the world building oil related 'stuff'. Worked in South America, North and West Africa, The Middle East, and, lastly South East Asia, finally putting down roots there and now seventeen years on still resident in the area. I am married to an Indonesian lady we have two children aged 13 and 8, we live on Batam Island just south of Singapore. I am 64.On the journey, had a beer or two, took part in many cultural exchanges, had a couple of beers, fought a few tigers, quelled a revolution or two, advised some world leaders, fell in love and had a few more beers, solved the world’s problems, scored some match-winning goals and had a great life…..mostly without leaving the pub. Age caught finally caught up with me two years ago and during an extended six month stay in hospital for chronic osteoarthritis and related infections, as well as physical, I found I needed mental therapy. I began writing out anything and everything I could recall about my travels, the people, the places, the ladies, the beers and of course...the tee shirts.....From Jarrow to Java is the initial result but intended to be the first of many. I am now unable to walk and wheelchair bound, but far from being a hindrance it has presented me with a new challenge as well as a different perspective on life. Although inactive physically I am positively hyperactive online engaging in many varied forums including sports related, writing and authorship, expatriate life, general interest. I self-promote at every opportunity in the usual social networks where I have a solid following.Previously wrote short articles and equipment reviews for UK publications ‘Record Mirror’ ‘Beat Instrumental’ and ‘Sounds’ sadly all now defunct.Worked as a Radio Announcer and Producer scripting news bulletins, sports reports and local interest items. Presented and formatted FM Radio shows as diverse as The Breakfast Show to Late Night Listening, Children’s Requests to Country and Western. More recently engaged in Technical Authorship, writing input for company websites designing profiles, safety and operations manuals. I write for a living and live to write.

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