Gehru the White Shark (Anti Bullying)

Gehru the White Shark (Anti Bullying)

The Adventures of Gehru and Jorka

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Author: Donald E. Swann II
Length: 20 page(s)
Written: Nov 2015
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Views: 4023

Category: Children's eBooks » Literature / Fiction  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: bullying, friendship, differences, character, fantasy, sharks, whales, orcas, sea, kids, childrens, short story, social behavior, acceptance, juvenille behavior

A white shark who is a bully learns he can be friends with others & not be mean

A story about bullying that takes place under the sea. Can a great white shark and a killer whale be friends, even though they look very different? Gehru (ghay-roo) is the bully of his school until he meets Jorka (York-ah) the Orca. That's when Gehru learns not everything you hear about others is always true and it can be more fun to get to know someone, than judge others unfairly.

A story about bullying, friendship and differences

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