Extra: My Testimonies and personal experience with God .

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God's Telephone Number was derived from a theory propounded by the Author.

God’s Telephone number is based on a new theory from the author, Fatai Adebanjo. He postulates an innovative concept of how Christians can make “phone calls” to God through a formula revealed in scripture that is essentially a telephone number for God. Additionally, God’s Telephone Number details process of achieving effective communication with God.

Fatai, who is a Muslim convert to Christianity, reveals to the readers the detailed story of how the supernatural power of God led him to willingly submit to the power of the Holy Spirit and leave his Islamic roots to become a Christian. In His words, “I’ve heard the gospel from many evangelists before several times, but my heart was hardened to their words; I also told them nothing can ever change me from Islam. That changed when God proved Himself to me using several ways to convince me of His Love and mercy. Without further preaching from anybody, I wholeheartedly submitted myself to be converted to Christian. My testimonies and experiences of God after my conversion can’t be fully expressed by words.”

Fatai will donate a portion from the proceeds of this book’s sales to the charities that help promote ONE LOVE globally.

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Fatai was born in 1978, in Lagos, Nigeria, where he studied Journalism at the Times Journalism Institute. He proceeded to study Intensive Chinese Language for four years at the Southwest Jiaotong University,Chengdu, China.

His books are : God's Telephone Number and 65 Sayings Inspired from my Night's Dream.

He is also an interpreter of Chinese to English Language and a Business Consultant.

Fatai and his wife, Xiao Hua, an obstetrician-gynecologist, currently lives in Chengdu, China.

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