goodereader - The e-Reader Buyer's Guide for 2011

goodereader - The e-Reader Buyer's Guide for 2011

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Author: michael kozlowski
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Written: Sep 2011
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The Good e-Reader Buyer's Guide for 2011 gives you the best e-reader reviews

This guide is a compilation of reviews on more than fifty e-reader devices. While other forms of electronics are available on the market, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, digital reading technology still has a strong foothold in the world of ebooks. This title will help you weigh your needs versus the multitude of offerings on the market today.

Some of those needs focus around ease of use and price point. Other users will have needs that allow them to incorporate their own fonts. More advanced users may want an e-reader that allows them to upload their own digital content directly to the device. This buyers’ guide will assist the user in making a wise choice based on the expected outcome for the technology.

Many of the devices that have been reviewed for this guide have actually been tested by the staff of, and in many instances videos of the products can be found on the website. The popular Out-of-the-Box video feature actually demonstrates every aspect of key devices, from turning it on for the first time through downloading content to the machine.

Whichever device you may choose to purchase, we hope this guide gives you the necessary information to make a selection that you will be happy with for all your electronic reading needs. More in-depth information and up-to-date releases can be found at Enjoy!

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