Great, great aunty Claire's household cleaning secrets!

Great, great aunty Claire's household cleaning secrets!

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Author: Alfieri Vacca
Length: 60 page(s)
Written: Jan 2011
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Keywords: Secrets, Edwardian Lady, money, unique

Discover the secrets contained in an Edwardian lady's private journal!

Previously never published this is the recently discovered private journal of an Edwardian lady which contains her 'secrets.'
Discover how this Edwardian lady's 'secrets' can put between £10 and £30 each week back into your pocket throughout 2011 and every year onwards! Apply her unique methods and in one year you will have put back in your pocket from £520 up to £1,560!
This is not a business, does not involve selling or anything to do with gambling or MLM or any other money making scheme but is based simply on the 'secrets' of an Edwardian lady that anyone can apply and easily put money back into their pocket!
Written by an acknowledged professional author who has had favourable reviews in The Times Literary Supplement this book reveals astonishing 'secrets' to help you put money back into your pocket which is especially relevant in the current economic recession.
Illustrated throughout with beautiful period illustrations and original period photographs this book is not only informative but a delightful visual feast.
Totally unique you will find this book invaluable, informative and most importantly practical in showing you exactly how to implement an Edwardian lady's 'secrets' that will enable you to put back in your pocket year after year between £520 and £1,560!

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About the Author

Alfieri Vacca | Author on

Member since: Jan 2011
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Established author with 6 titles published globally. Titles include academic, biographies and art.
The world's leading authority on the vampire in English literature with his 'John William Polidori - The Vampyre and Other Writings' pub by Fyfield Press receiving critical acclaim in The Times Literary Supplement.
'Cartooning: Everything You Need To Know' pub 2010 by Search Press in hardback globally has been declared the definitive guide to cartooning.
Currently working on his debut novel to be published later this year.

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