Handbook for Professional Communication

Handbook for Professional Communication

How to get your ideas across, every single time.

Author: Hans Gutbrod
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 120 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Mar 2017
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Practical advice for structuring all major professional documents.

Transform your writing to engage your readers, directly, using a set of proven techniques, that you, too, can apply. This handbook offers a practical framework that you can use again and again, based on four principles, three structures, two formulas and one procedure.

The handbook is primarily written for professionals, including senior civil servants, but should also be useful to students, and really to anyone who wants get better at getting their message across. Moreover, it may also be useful in teams or organizations, to improve the standard of communication.

The handbook covers introductions, essays, memos, CVs, business and cover letters, press releases, policy or project proposals, reports, minutes, e-mails, social media for professional purposes, lessons learned, how to edit, and a short chapter on crisis communications.

The handbook is in its third edition. Previous versions have been published in seven languages, in Armenian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Mongolian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. This third edition is freshly updated, in 2017. The handbook also contains links to a number of practical examples.

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Hans Gutbrod works in policy research and policy advocacy. With Transparify, he convinced dozens of think tanks around the world to become more transparent on their funding sources. He otherwise has worked with think tanks in Latin America, Africa and South Asia, and for many years worked as the Regional Director of the Caucasus Research Resource Centers. Prior to this, he taught and trained at various institutions. Hans was born in Brazil, grew up in Germany and studied in Tübingen and at the London School of Economics, where he obtained his Doctorate in International Relations.

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Leserbewertungen (9 Einträge)  
A great guide to professional communication and academic writing May 4, 2017
von Tinatin Ambroladze
This handbook, and the knowledge of the author, has helped me develop crucial communication skills that I continue to apply everyday. This is a must read for people who want to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely.

Very vaulable guide to teach the principles of academic essay writing May 1, 2017
von Manuel Gebhardt
At the University of Bamberg we have been working with the Handbook for about a decade now to teach our Philosophy students the principles of academic essay writing to great success.
Accordingly, our faculty is very much looking forward to make use of this revised second edition in the future!

Incredibly Useful Apr 7, 2017
von Anonymous
Taught me to to communicate effectively and pragmatically in a broad variety of situations, definitely recommended to students and professionals of all ages!

Very helpful Apr 7, 2017
von Anonymous
Whether student or professional you will find this clearly structured book very helpful and easy to read. The author presents his logic of approaching different forms of professional communication in a straightforward and clear way without loosing himself in theory as many other authors do. I highly recommend it to any student and professional.

An useful communication tool Apr 3, 2017
von Stella Utica
If you want to deliver a message/an idea in a clear, useful and impactful way, regardless of your target group, this handbook should be definitely considered as a guideline.

Extremely useful Apr 1, 2017
von Stephan Engel
I have myself contributed some advice to this handbook, on crisis communications. It's a field that I have worked in for many years. That chapter sums up many of the things that I have been telling my clients, especially that preparation is the key.

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