Harbingers of Peace

Harbingers of Peace

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Author: Gebhard Deißler
Length: 25 page(s)
Written: May 2013
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Category: Philosophy » Anthropology  |  Work: Study
Keywords: peace research, cultural approaches to peace

Cultural dimensions of peace

In 1970, when East and West were about to meet and to possibly invalidate the historical assumption formulated in by the British Poet Rudyard Kipling, according to which such meeting of Eastern and Western minds was impossible, a Japanese by the name of Itsuo Tsuda, who brought with him the knowledge that would not only enable the meeting between East and West, but even that of humanity as a whole, discretely settled in Paris. In his person Sino-Japanese thought converged and merged into something new that our age greatly needed and continues to do so in the foreseeable time. I would like to call it the art of converting war into peace.

The exposé hghlights,cultural and historical approaches to peace and integrates them in a practically applicable multimodel.

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