the truth about ghosts

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Author: Markus Hermannsdorfer
Length: 30 page(s)
Written: Sep 2013
Sales Rank: 17 XinXii Sales Rank
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Category: Esoterism » Paranormal  |  Work: Guidebook
Keywords: ghost, spirit, paranormal, ghost hunt, haunted, haunting, paranormal activity, investigation, leisure, haunted places, equipment, spiritual, haunted house, travel, most haunted, haunted places

This book answers the biggest question of mankind: Is there a life after death?

This book answers one of the biggest questions of mankind: Is there a life after death? Chapter one explains in detail what exactly ghosts are and how anyone may contact them in a lazy and funny way. Additional it shows the world´s most haunted places worldwide and describes important equipment for ghost hunters and parapsychologists.

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