Hip Pocket Sleaze

Hip Pocket Sleaze

The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks

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Author: World Headpress
Length: 392 page(s)
Written: Mar 2017
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Category: Hobbies » Collectibles  |  Work: Case study
Keywords: literature, paperbacks, pulp fiction, authors, adult, gay, lesbian, taboo, pop culture, social history, 8mm, loops, pornography,

A history of sleazy paperback. Illustrated.

Hip Pocket Sleaze is an introduction to the world of vintage, lurid adult paperbacks. Charting the rise of sleazy pulp fiction during the 1960s and 1970s and reviewing many of the key titles, the book takes an informed look at the various genres and markets from this enormously prolific era, from groundbreaking gay and lesbian-themed books to the Armed Services Editions. Influential authors, publishers and cover artists are profiled and interviewed, including the "godfather of gore" H. G. Lewis, cult lesbian author Ann Bannon, fetish artist par excellence Bill Ward and many others. A companion to Bad Mags, Headpress' guide to sensationalist magazines of the 1970s, Hip Pocket Sleaze also offers extensive bibliographical information and plenty of outrageous cover art.



John Harrison John Harrison is a freelance writer whose interests include collecting vintage 8 & 16mm sexploitation loops and educational shorts. He runs a small mail-order business called THE GRAVEYARD TRAMP, which specialises in off-beat items of pop culture memorabilia. In 2003 he curated an exhibition of vintage adult paperback cover art at The Basement Cafe in Melbourne.



"John Harrison's pioneering work in this fascinating book of sexy pulp fiction will open up an entirely new area of scholarship, collecting and just plain fun to readers and fans the world over." -- Gary Lovisi, editor of Paperback Parade; author of Dames, Dolls & Delinquents; The Sexy Digests

"A lifetime of research and reading is dished out with gloops of anecdotal sleaze and unique insight ..." -- Jack Sargeant, Deathtripping; Naked Lens; Lost Highways

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