The Occult, Health and Psychological Dimentions

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Author: Gabriel Agbo
Length: 90 page(s)
Written: Aug 2015
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Keywords: Homosexuality, same-sex, US Supreme Court, gay, lesbian, immorality, Gabriel Agbo, Asia, Nigeria, Obama, Islam, Christianity, religion, health, psychology, occult, magic, spiritual, Kenya, Africa, Kenyatta, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

Is homosexuality good or evil? What is the origin of this sexual preference?

Is homosexuality good or evil? What is the origin of this sexual preference and its implications on the society? Was this in the original plan of God (nature)? Who is actually behind it and for what purpose? Are the gays and lesbians truly lured and trapped by unseen forces? And what will be its effect on the presence and coming generations? What are the views of Christianity, Islam, traditional religion, etc, on the issue? How dangerous are Anal and Oral sex – any health risks? Can they result in anal and oral cancers and several other infections? Is homosexuality an occult practice? All these questions and more are what we will be trying to proffer answers for in this book.
Same-sex relationship is actually not new to humanity, but has for some time now been in the global consciousness, especially with the systematic approval given to it by western leaders in the guise of human rights, gay rights, minority rights, coalition movements, etc. In fact, some of the leaders and their puppet organizations not just preach it, but bully other nations into accepting and promoting same. They promise aids, grants and other developmental assistance as compensation. Why are they so obsessed with this and whose agenda is it?
In this work we will try to compress our very objective, discussions in the following electrifying, illuminating and informative seven chapters: The Gay Rebellion, In the Beginning, The Occult Dimension, The Health Implication, The Psychological Effects, The Avoidable Consequences and What Should We Do? These are truly very informative discussions, facts that will help you make a valuable decision whether to be involved in homosexuality or not. The decision will be entirely yours! And can that US supreme Court pronouncement legalizing same-sex marriage be reversed? How??

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I authored the books: Power of Midnight Prayer , Breaking Generational Curses: Claimng Your Freedom, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Power of Sacrifice, No Cross No Crown, etc. I am also a member of the International Pentecostal Press Association ( IPPA ), and other reputable organisations.

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