Hoops Dreamer: The Ken Mink Story

Hoops Dreamer: The Ken Mink Story

The Odyssey of a 73-Year-Old College Basketball Player

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Author: Ken Mink
Length: 240 page(s)
Written: Mar 2011
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Category: Sports & Fitness » Ball Sports  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: college basketball, redemption, overcoming odds, world records, inspirational, senior athletes, world fame.

A man overcomes odds to become the world's oldest college athlete

This is the story of a young Eastern Kentucky boy who achieved his dream of becoming a college basketball player, only to see his dream unfairly snatched away from him. But 53 years later he managed to revive his dream and return to the college basketball court at age 73, becoming the oldest college basketball player in history. This book tells the incredible route he followed – including several medical setbacks that threatened to squash his dream – and the impact his feat had on millions of people.

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.Ken Mink has spent more than five decades as a journalist/author.

A Kentucky native, he lives in Knoxville, Tn., semi-retired after a 48-year career as a journalist. He is editor of the travel magazine, The Travelling Adventurer (www.travellingadventurer.com), and writes freelance articles for newspapers and magazines. Other daily newspapers he worked for include the Lexington, Ky., Herald-Leader, the Dayton, Ohio, Daily News, the Bristol, Va., Herald-Courier, Kingsport, Tn., Times-News, Harrisonburg, Va., Daily News-Record and the Hopkinsville, Ky., New Era.

He is the author of several books, including So, You Want Your Kid to be a Sports Superstar, Teen Gunslinger, A Bloody Trail, Nightmare on Black Mountain, Serpent on the Cross, The Mailman Murders, Big Blue Blues, Terror on the Appalachian Trail, The Cola Conspiracy, Geezer Wars and Hoops Dreamer: The Ken Mink Story.

But he is perhaps best known as the World’s Oldest College Basketball Player. He was unjustly expelled from college in 1956 while playing on his college team at Lees Junior College, Jackson, Ky. After retiring in 2007 he got the urge to try to return to college basketball at age 73 to finish his career. Incredibly, he made the team at Roane State College, Harriman, Tn., and went on to play in seven games and scored in three, setting several world records.

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