Hope a philosophical vision in short form

Hope a philosophical vision in short form

The Strength of Hope

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Author: Don Swann II
Length: 4 page(s)
Written: Aug 2012
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Spirituality  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: Spiritual, motivational, belief, inspiration

A description of why hope is a discovery of individuals and society

Hope is a powerful presence of inspiration, giving initiative or drive to do great things, despite the lack of something we can see or hold. Is hope a spiritual or philosophical thing? All that matters is we find it in our time of need... the belief a cause or service can make a difference not only in our lives, but in others as well.

4 pages describing the importance of and the undeniable experience that brings out the best in us all. Inspirational and motivational, spiritual in the sense that we live in it and are a celebration of its existence.

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