Horizons Of A Post-Intellectual Society

Horizons Of A Post-Intellectual Society

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Author: Gebhard Deißler
Length: 78 page(s)
Written: Aug 2013
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Category: Philosophy » Epistemology  |  Work: Textbook
Keywords: Post-intellectual, human ecology, integrity of the human terrrain, normalization/integration of the human terrain, human psychophysiology, global diversity management, dilemma resolution and conflict prevention/management, reveribiity&irreversibility of human evolution, sustainable culture change management

Towards an ecology of the human terrain

A post-intellectual plaradigm shift may be a somewhat challenging formulation, for the intellect is among the prime cultural values of our time, as it promises wealth and well-being for those who have it. And it therefore does not seem to be on an agenda of culture change management. But I would like to argue that an intellectual culture change may be indicated in the light of the state of the civilization that has been brought about by it. The intellect needs to be reframed an recontextualized within an intellect-transcendent and healthily integrative world of wisdom and insight into (human) nature per se so as to reintegrate the totality of the human terrain in a sustainable way.

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