House Sitting in Australia

House Sitting in Australia

A Guide For First Time House Sitters

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Author: L.H.M. Cody
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 35 page(s)
Written: Aug 2017
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Category: Travel & Emigration » Travel Know-how  |  Work: Travelogue
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How to start House Sitting in Australia

In this ebook, Laura shares the fascinating story of how she and her fiancé House Sat around Australia for nine months. Through honestly telling their story, readers can see what House Sitting is really like and, perhaps more importantly, learn from their mistakes.

Apart from sharing the couple's amazing story it also reveals:

- What is House Sitting?
- Why choose House Sitting over Couchsurfing
- What's the application process like?
- How newbie House Sitters can get references - and why it is essential that they do
- How and why to get Police Checks
- How to write the perfect cover letter - what you must and must not include
- Why you should Skype with Homeowners before arriving - and what to talk about
- How you can work whilst House Sitting (and why you don't necessarily have to)
- What it's like to groom a dog
- What to do if a dog gets sick
- How to help a dog who misses their owner

It is the ideal ebook for anyone looking for advice on how to become a House Sitter, and for anyone who would like to know more about Laura and Tanbay's adventures in Australia.

Because of House Sitting, they were able to spend nine months in Australia, staying in 8 different locations all across the country - from remote deserted beaches to party central cities. they saved an estimated £7,000 on accommodation and had the time of their lives - and so could you!

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Laura und ihr Verlobter Tanbay begonnen mit Haushüten im Juli 2013. Was erst ein günstiges Übergangsjahr sein sollte, hat sich zu einem Lebensstil entwickelt, von dem sie keinen Urlaub brauchen. Sie leben in einigen der schönsten Häuser der Welt -, ohne dafür zu zahlen. Über sie wurde auch in Zeitungen wie die Daily Mail und der Spiegel geschrieben. Weitere Informationen kann man hier finden:

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