How I got into my wife's dream

How I got into my wife's dream

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Author: Slavyan Yorgakiev
Length: 84 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Oct 2014
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Mystery & Crime  |  Work: Gedicht
Keywords: fantastic, criminal

criminal and fantastic stories

Criminal and fantastic stories When I was born ninety per cent of the human dreams had already come true. The highest achievement was that people became IMMORTAL. I mean that nobody died of a natural death; aging of cells, organs; diseases or something of the kind. Simply the dreams for immortality shared by generations and civilizations had turned into reality. Now we had not only immortal souls, but deathless bodies, too. One could pile year after year; century after century and still look the way one liked best – an old man today, a child tomorrow. It was hardly to believe it, but that was the truth.
It was just fine; people invented sophisticated ways to move through the space. It took only a second to get the distance between planets around the entire cosmos. We travelled among the stars in two ways, either onboard “mother” spaceships, or by personal teleporters. The unique feature of these units was that they were generating power from one atom of matter and another one of antimatter. Virtually, this technology solved all the problems with energy.

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Slavyan Yorgakiev is poet, writer, screenwriter ans painter
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