How To Get Out Of Debt ... and stay out forever

How To Get Out Of Debt ... and stay out forever

Changing your mind, Improving your knowledge and changing yo

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Author: Philip Bradbury
Length: 62 page(s)
Written: July 2012
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Getting out of debt doesn’t start with your money but with your thinking.

Being in debt is not fatal and it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Getting into debt is much easier than getting out of it. And, once you’re in it, it’s usually difficult to find your way out. This book will show you the way out.

Getting out of debt doesn’t start with your money but with your thinking. After all, it’s your thinking that got you in it, believe it or not. Once you can have a mind change, you’ve got a life-time tool for staying out of debt and for creating abundance.

By purchasing How To Get Out Of Debt you will:
* Learn about the current financial crisis,
* Learn about your personal financial crisis,
* Discover ways to change your thinking and your finances,
* Learn about how changing how you view on money (hint: time really does equal money) is the single biggest step toward living an abundant lifestyle,
* Get financial worksheets to monitor and improve your finances,
* Be taken, step-by-step, through a debt recovery system, and
* Learn some basic accounting, insurance and finance terminology and techniques so you can take your financial savvy to a new level.

Don't waste any more time being in debt. Buy How To Get Out Of Debt, become abundant and then you can make a greater difference in this world.

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Philip Bradbury is a qualified accountant (BBS ACA) who has worked for large and small organisations as an accountant, credit manager and company director. He has also worked for himself (well, for clients, really) as a chartered accountant, business coach and corporate trainer. And, in between all this, he has been a university, polytechnic and Chamber of Commerce lecturer on accounting, business start-up, business development, leadership and communication. He has also run workshops, in several countries, on personal development and on men's issues. And then, in those spare moments he's enjoyed, he's written about all of the above for magazines and websites in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Romania and Czech Republic. And he's also had ten books published.

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