How To Knit Beads: Instructions And Patterns Included

How To Knit Beads: Instructions And Patterns Included

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Author: Sally White
Length: 15 page(s)
Written: May 2018
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Category: Hobbies » Handicraft Work  |  Work: Guidebook
Keywords: how to knit beads, knitting beads, knit beads, knitted beads, make beads, how to make beads, making beads, how to make bead, ow to make bead jewellery, wool beads

Make unique knitted bead jewelry.

Make unique knitted bead jewelry. This book includes instructions and patterns for making knitted beads.

Beautiful, unique knitted bead jewelry for all your women friends and family members.

AND the plus point is ..... it is much easier to make them than you would assume!!

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Sally White is based in South Africa. She writes books by drawing inspiration from subjects that interest her such as hobbies, facts and information regarding health issues.

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