More Success By Better Communication

Author: Luigi Carlo De Micco
Length: 290 page(s)
Written: Oct 2010
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How to use communications strategically, tactically and specifically..

This book will show you how to use communications strategically, tactically and specifically to achieve your personal, professional, political or business objectives faster and more efficient.

How you get, what you want" is about the powerful tools of communication and their mechanisms and laws. And of course, the amazing results that can be achieved if one understands and masters the tools of communication. The author with much humor practically takes you ever deeper into the world of communication and shows you how you can use it to get, what you want. Whether it involves communicating with friends or family members, business partners, customers or politicians, even with gangsters, such as racketeers - who ever masters the keys of communication, will always be able to convince his or her counterpart easier and more effectively.

The topic is communication, which is always influenced by the systems in which people move as well as their communicative rules. Luigi Carlo De Micco argues that a person is not solely the product of his own individual psyche, but crucial to his behavior is also the interdependent relationship with his communicative environment. Methods are to this end presented, which leads to changes in the opinions, views, and even behavior of the respective counterpart in the communicative process for one’s own benefit.

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Luigi Carlo De Micco ist international als Autor, Berater, Interimsmanager und Investor tätig.

Luigi ist Jahrgang 1964 und lebt seit 2001 in seiner Wahlheimat Monte Carlo. Als internationaler Berater und Diplomat berät er nicht nur Führungskräfte internationaler Unternehmen, sondern auch Regierungen, insbesondere lateinamerikanischer Länder. Luigi spricht neben seiner Muttersprache Deutsch auch Englisch, Spanisch, Italienisch und etwas Französisch.

Luigi Carlo De Micco is active as an international author, consultant, interim manager and investor.
In the new eBook "IPO - How small and medium enterprises can be financed via the stock exchange," he writes as a practitioner from the experience he has drawn from the numerous IPOs and mergers & acquisitions, he has accompanied.

Luigi was born in 1964 and has been living since 2001 in his adopted home of Monte Carlo. As an international consultant and diplomat, he advises not only executives of international companies but also governments, particularly in Latin American countries. Luigi speaks besides his native language German, also English, Spanish, Italian and some French.

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Luigi Carlo De Micco nace en 1964, está casado con Alina De Micco y reside desde 2001 en Monte Carlo, su patria de adopción. Como diplomático de amplio mundo no se limita a asesorar a ejecutivos de grandes compañías, sino que presta también sus servicios a diversos Gobiernos, especialmente de Hispanoamérica. De Micco habla alemán, su lengua materna, e inglés, español, italiano y francés.

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Customer Reviews (2 reviews)  
Thought Provoking Dec 1, 2010
by Rolf Kokoschka
It's true, when this E-book was recommended to me from a friend , I wasn't sure what to expect. But once I started reading I couldn't put it down. This is an excellent book on improving your communication skills. The author really writes a very helpful guide on human communication. I found the book to be very easy to follow, and he gets the reader to thoroughly understand the point he is trying to convey. I found many of his examples to be helpful in seeing how I do not always communicate my thoughts or opinions in the way that I should. Just by changing the manner in which you speak, can make all the difference.

I think that anyone who is in business or in a relationship should read this book if they are experiencing trouble with their ideas not being clearly understood. Or anyone, for that matter. You will not regret purchasing this book. I think this book will change a lot of thinks. Thank you to the author!! Good job!

An amazing teacher in communications Nov 25, 2010
by Alfons Bregel
Luigi Carlo De Micco has written a very effective book for anyone that is in business. I tried out some of his suggestions and was very pleased that they worked. Not only did they work, but they worked with ease.

How To Get What You Want is great for dealing with difficult people in your life. By using the authors tips, you may even find that the difficult people are no longer that difficult as you now know how to handle them.

This book even helps you in your everyday life relationships. I highly recommend this book for all adults. If everyone read this book I think we would have a much more pleasant world.

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