In the Heart of Love

In the Heart of Love

The heart of people is a land that no one dwells

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Author: Aloisio Andrade
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 124 page(s)
Written: May 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Short Stories  |  Work: Textbook
Keywords: Tale, Fiction, Literature, tragic, comic, dramatic, Adventure, Erotic, culture, Essay, Elegy, satire, farce, horror, melodrama, mystery, pantomime, sexy, Adventure, love

Are tales speaking in urban daily life and the relationships of people in the Ba

This noble sentiment that the practice be the worst absurdities. The brief compelling stories characterize these tales. The human being is both individual and social time. It is individual, but needs the other. And it is in the relationship between man and the woman who usually happen the most thunderous facts. Instead of man remain in his individuality, preserve freedom; give the contrary, the relationship between man and woman catches a domain territory where we watched real wars, both psychological and physical. The text is about this conflict, this is the motivating fact of the situation.
Love lends itself to several meanings: affection, mercy sexual appetite.
The concept of love involves, in general, the formation of an emotional bond with someone, something or object that is capable of receiving this behavior and send the sensory and psychological stimulation necessary for their maintenance and motivation. It is considered the greatest of all achievements of being.
Target audience, all adolescents and the larger age.
As for the advantage that this target group is that all literature serves as a mirror, a lesson to be learned before a reading, which will, of what is valid or not for the reader's life.

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About the Author

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Andrade Aloisio is author, actor and director. Born in Ubaitaba / BA from small moved with the words, he wrote the newspaper The Jaca for ten years. In Salvador he studied law and graduated from the Federal University of Bahia in direction and degree in Theatre. Published several books of poetry: "Diary of Interior", "Poets of Bahia", "Cacimba" Volume I and II, the children's fiction "Cantiga Rose" and the short story "The Flight". He has been dedicated to literature, music and cinema. Roteiriza, operates and manages digital short. And has been showing cartoons in the following cities in the world: Spain, Portugal, Berlin and Brazil.

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