It can happen things that require you see or feel.

It can happen things that require you see or feel.

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Author: Katharina Nemayer
Length: 9 page(s)
Written: May 2011
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Category: Esoterism » Mysticism  |  Work: Field report
Keywords: Prediction feel, feel, know, true dreams, experience, feeling, Nemayer

Have you ever felt anything before? Here are my experiences.

Have you ever experienced that you did something well before the event?
I think you also have the ability.
But you do believe non.
In my little eBook I describe described some of their own experience.

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Hier ist mal ein anderes Buch von mir.
Bekannt bin ich durch meine Tierbuecher.
Aber ich schreibe auch ueber andere Dinge.

This time is another book of mine.
I am known by my animal books.
But I also write about other things.

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