It's 10am, why am I still sober?

It's 10am, why am I still sober?

Toodling around southern Poland in an alcoholic haze....

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Author: K.S. Augustin
Length: 93 page(s)
Written: Nov 2011
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Category: Travel & Emigration » Travel Experiences  |  Work: Travelogue
Keywords: travel, politics, food, satire, Poland

People, food, alcohol and politics…is there anything else in life?

Join author Kaz Augustin as she opines (loudly) on three booze-soaked weeks spent in southern Poland and eastern Czech Republic. From Silesia to Kraków to the spunky little Moravian capital of Brno, this short book covers tourist traps, socialising, a few restaurants and lots of alcohol!

“Wawel reduces the rich history of Poland to a street-corner transaction.”

“…my opinion of pilsener is that it roughly tastes the same going in as it does coming out…”

“This is mushroom-hunting, Silesian style…[i]f the mushrooms want to be found, they have to whistle.”

Nothing and nobody is off-limits.

WARNING: Some Polish characters may not render correctly in Adobe Digital Editions. In addition, some Epub readers may not display all available document formatting..

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K. S. "Kaz" Augustin is a Malaysian-born Australian writer of space opera and romance. Her website, where she keeps full first chapter previews of all her books, is at

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