Jack and the Magical Beanstalk

Jack and the Magical Beanstalk

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Author: Pablo Michaels
Length: 51 page(s)
Written: Dec 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Erotica  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: adult, erotica, fiction, gay, Pablo Michaels, romance

Can Jack overcome his awkward appearance and find everlasting love with a man fr

A poor, widowed mother, Lorene, and her scrawny, young son, Jack have to sell their prized cow, Pearly White, during a drought on their farm. Jack trades Pearly White to a strange, nearly naked old man for five magical beans. Despite his mother’s disbelief in the magic of the beans, Jack wakes up in the morning, finding a giant beanstalk growing outside his bedroom window. Climbing up the stem, he finds another world with a giant castle, inhabited by two giants, Master and Slave. Jack hides from Master who feasts on young, handsome wimps. After Master falls asleep, Jack steals his bag of gold coins and flees toward the beanstalk. Before he slides down the beanstalk, Jack notices a handsome naked man, his size who stares back at him. Their eyes are locked in a gaze until they hear the thumping of Giant and Slave’s pursuit. With the new gold coins, Jack saves the farm and hires two men to work as farmhands, Zeke and Adam. Jack climbs the beanstalk again and meets the naked man, Sam, while stealing a chicken that lays gold eggs from Giant and Slave. But with the giants hunting Jack with the chicken, the young man must flee again down the beanstalk. The farm prospers. Jack is pursued in love by the two farmhands and other young men. But Jack is drawn to pursue Sam again and tempt stealing more wealth from Master and Slave. Do Jack and Sam survive the wrath of the two giants and consummate their love?

Book 1 of the Jack's Magical Beanstalk Series

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