Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Fan Guide

Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Fan Guide

Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Fan Guide

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Author: Steve Rutherford
Length: 23 page(s)
Written: Aug 2013
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This book will reveal tricks and tips about this amazing game

Introduction Is Kingdom Hearts an unlikely success, or is it in fact the biggest safe bet in this generation of videogames? After all, while the idea is one that raises a few eyebrows in the beginning glance-- a Square-styled fantasy adventure starring virtually nothing but Disney cartoon characters?-- the potential of the idea begins to show with. And Square has actually certainly recognized large quantities of that capacity, using the wealth of characters offered right here and using industry-leading production values to create a fantastic home entertainment. To be sure, this is a game that succeeds in spite of its flaws. It is successful in spite of some of the greatest flaws that a game has ever before prospered in spite of. It has a 3D camera that has to be seen to be believed, and a problem level tilted well past exactly what players are probably getting out of exactly what has been pegged as a "kid's game."

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