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Author: Callixte Yadufashije
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Written: Dec 2017
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Keywords: genetics, genes, chromosomes

This lecture notes talks to genetics contribution in health and life determinati

Genetics is an important science in medical sciences. It deals with transmission of characters from parent to offspring known as heredity. Characters are transmitted by a factor called gene and reach generation to generations. Students of biomedical laboratory science have to get chances of taking this course, to have skills and knowledge on genetic influence of life and later advances in medical genetics and molecular biology. Combination of different books have been used to prepare this lecture notes, books of biochemistry, cell biology, medical genetics, have been fundamental books of references while preparing these lectures. These notes can be used by other students in health sciences and biomedical sciences. They were prepared based on contents of genetic module in biomedical laboratory science for undergraduate level.

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Dr Callixte is Rwandan researcher, writer, and academician. He is a medical microbiologists and taught various courses in areas of health sciences in different Universities. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer at INES-Ruhengeri, in Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences.

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