Little Death in Pornotopia

Little Death in Pornotopia

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Author: Robert Cettl
Length: 107 page(s)
Written: 2010
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Keywords: pornography, poetry, censorship, Australia, Adelaide, Friendly Street, Adelaide Review, transgression,

Cult Manifesto of Transgressive XX Verse

by Robert Cettl

"‘A little Death in Pornotopia’ is offensive to Christians and those who see the sex act as a sacred rite between two committed individuals. In its juxtaposition of orgiastic ritual and prayer, its assertion that ‘I once was blind but now I see’ comparing ejaculation to death and peace, it refers to ejaculation as magical and holds up pornography as the ultimate good. This is outright witchcraft."
(Karla Tanti, italics added)

An unknown poet speaks at literary establishment venue Friendly Street. His recitals are greeted with howling disapproval and he is vilified in the local print media The Adelaide Review. In the midst of a literary scandal over his work, he is deemed "offensive", his work censored from performance and he is ultimately accused of witchcraft. Persona Non Grata in Australian Arts, he abruptly disappears; leaving behind only an unpublished single volume of obscene, blasphemous verse. Neither his existence - nor that of the manuscript - are ever acknowledged in subsequent official Friendly Street history. Now - for the first time - anthologized here is the complete single volume manuscript: a modern manifesto for the cult of XXX transgression.

"The transgression lies in the disrespect for the poet’s craft when words are used as weapons to savage the empty carcasses of men women children, gays, whores and transvestites."
(Gaetano Aiello)

"‘Cum Shot, Looped’ is offensive to ordinary, moral Americans as it insinuates that seeking the services of a prostitute is something culturally borrowed."
(Karla Tanti)

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Robert Cettl is a former SAR Research Fellow at Australia’s National Film & Sound Archive [NFSA] and certified foreign expert living and working in Shanghai, China.

A freelance author, ethnographic filmmaker, University English-as-a-Foreign-Language [EFL] lecturer, private teacher and independent digital publisher, his professionally published non-fiction books have been collected by such as the BFI, the US Library of Congress and the National Libraries of Australia and China.

He self-publishes experimental multi-media auto-ethnographic ebooks (non-fiction, fiction, poetry) and also publishes third-party selections of avant-garde literary and artistic works by other authors.

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