A Little Old Fashioned

A Little Old Fashioned

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Author: Rita Schulz
Length: 22 page(s)
Written: Mar 2012
Sales Rank: 10 XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 1384

Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: women, family, short story, injustice, space opera, science fiction, aliens, freedom, choice, sheriff, space ships, settlers, homestead, planets, range war, sims, land dispute

Will this old fashioned girl do the right thing or succumb to temptation?

Wanda has to jettison her cargo on Dora, a planet on the frontier of space. Instead of a minor disciplinary hearing – her choices are death or life in a hard labor camp.

At the last moment she receives an offer she can't refuse, a chance to be sheriff of Goodfriend, the only shuttle- port city on Dora. If she accepts she’ll be given a section of land to homestead. Her dreams will come true.

Wanda arrives on Dora smack in the middle of a land war.

The natives are determined to grab part of their planet for themselves. Sensing an injustice Wanda must decide to do the right thing, will she side with the locals or her employers and secure her own future.

Will this old fashioned girl do the right thing or will she succumb to temptation and gain her little piece of paradise on a new world?

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About the Author

Member since: Jan 2012
Publications on XinXii:  14
Rita lives in Vancouver, B.C. with Russ, her husband who is also a fiction writer.

She loves to read and paint in her spare time. She is learning to enjoy golf, and he is learning to enjoy gardening. They are kept company, and on track, by Glenn their youngest son and their two dogs.

She has written for years and is an alumni of the Oregon Writers Network, and the Greater Vancouver Chapter, Romance Writers of America.

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