Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide

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Author: Michael Brein, Ph.D.
Length: 38 page(s)
Written: July 2013
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Keywords: metro, subway, rail, light rail, bus, tram, public transportation

How to sightsee Los Angeles's top 50 visitor attractions by public transit.

Michael Brein’s Los Angeles Travel Guide helps you get to the city's top 50 points of interest easily and cheaply using LA’s excellent public transit system including the LA Subway, light rail, and selected express buses. From Hollywood to the Santa Monica, with this ultra simple guide you have all you need to discover and get to LA’s 50 top points of interest or top 10 "Must See" attractions if you have limited time. The LA guide also helps you to find the nearest transit stops and which lines to take; see how to exit the stations and walk to the attractions; note other nearby points of interest; view the attraction's location on the official LA transit map; and get to attractions without needing wireless internet access.

Michael Brein’s Los Angeles Travel Guide is compact, concise, and comprehensive and is so simple and convenient to use--it is really all you need on your iPad or other mobile device to get to all of LA’s top sights. And since it's based on Michael Brein’s acclaimed travel guide series to sightseeing by public transportation, it's the simplest way to get around the world's big cities. Similar guides to London, Paris, Honolulu, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Madrid are also available, and others are planned. 

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Michael Brein, Ph.D. | Author on XinXii.com

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Michael Brein, Ph.D., aka 'The Travel Psychologist', is a world traveler and adventurer, author, lecturer and publisher. Dr Michael has traveled to more than 125 countries and is a member of the Travelers' Century Club, The Adventurers' Club of Honolulu and the Circumnavigators Club.

He publishes two travel series, one on sightseeing by public transportation, of which this travel guide is a part, and one on the psychology of travel as revealed through the phenomenal travel stories he has gathered through interviews with more than 1,600 world travelers and adventurers over the last three decades.

He is featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles as well as an invited guest on a variety of radio and blog programs.

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