Love triangles, or love for three.

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Written: Feb 2019
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And it was not a fleeting connection, but a relationship that lasted for years.

In the last century, many well-known creative people were able to share love for three. Such love for them was considered absolutely normal phenomenon. And it was not a fleeting connection, but a relationship that lasted for years. "Love for three" was not uncommon. The poet Zinaida Hippius even bragled the fact that her husband Dmitry Merezhkovsky gets along under one roof with her lover – Dmitry Philosophov. And some celebrities, though not living under the same roof, but love for three shared. Someone - by the call of his heart, and someone - by the dictates of the party and the coincidence of circumstances.
Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lily Brik and her husband Osip Brick lived threesome in one flat for some time. Lily mocked, in literally was harassing the great poet. Everyone knows the painful history of their relationship in Russia. Already after the death of the poet Lily herself confessed that they and Osip deliberately mocked Mayakovsky.
There is evidence that Lilichka practiced and love for three with him and with Osip, which greatly traumatized Mayakovsky, but he suffered from the love of brick. In addition, all this love triangle contained Mayakovsky, lived only on his money, as the briks had material difficulties.
There are many stories in the life of celebrities, where they shared love for three:
Friedrich Nietzsche – Lou Salome - Paul Ray. History keeps photos where all three are naked. His famous work "So said Zaratustra" Nietzsche wrote under the impression of Lou Salome. The famous philosopher made an offer of his lover's hand and heart, but she offered him only friendship. When Paul Ray joined them, they began to live threesome under one roof. Angry Elizabeth, Friedrich Nietzsche’s sister, wrote a rude letter to Lou, which led to the quarrel between Friedrich and his lover, and then to the parting.
The love triangle of Alexander Blok – Lyubov Mendeleev – Andrey Bely, Anna Akhmatova – Arthur Luarier -Olga Sudeykin, and many other creative celebrities didn’t pass by. Let's focus on the most impressive.

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