Megan's Thirteenth

Megan's Thirteenth

The Story of Megan, a Psychic Teenager

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Author: Ceri Carpenter
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 35 page(s)
Written: July 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Novels  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: megan, the misconception, ceri carpenter, owen jones, supernatural, metaphysical, paranormal, psychic powers, young adult, ya, na, teenlit, teenagers, girls, chicklit, children, school, first love, party

Megan is a teenager with psychic powers that she does not understand.

Megan is a girl with supernatural, psychic powers that she does not fully understand. She is constantly on the look out for someone to advise her how to develop them, but the only people she knows who are able to help her are dead.

This does not deter Megan from seeking their assistance though.

In this story, it is Megan's thirteenth birthday and she is looking forward to her party, but there is never a day when her abilities do not come in useful and never a day when she is not keen to learn more about them.

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About the Author

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Ceri Carpenter has just started writing as time has become more available. 'The Misunderstanding' was Ceri's first piece of work on the Supernatural and was written while travelling and in Asia in June, 2013.

This, 'Megan's Followers', is the fifth book in the 'Megan' series. Ceri expects to produce one a month.

Ceri was born in South Wales, the United Kingdom and has had an interest and involvement in the supernatural since he was young, as his parents, his father's mother and most of his parents' friends were Spiritualists.

He grew up with healers and others with psychic powers around him.

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