Mem Cries

Mem Cries

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Author: Trevor M Brindley
Length: 175 page(s)
Written: Apr 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Thailand, Krabi, Phuket, Thai love girl story

Extraordinary mid-life crisis experienced by an average guy

Mem Cries tells the story of the extraordinary mid-life crisis experienced by an average guy – just like you and me.

He awakes one day to find himself divorced from his wife, estranged from his new girlfriend, prematurely removed from his career and totally confused as to what to do next. Three years earlier, he enjoyed an adventure holiday in the Southern hemisphere that eventually took him to Thailand, where in Ao Nang, Krabi, he met two beguiling characters called Mem and Ice. On December 26th 2004 whilst enjoying family festivities at home in England, he witnessed the disturbing television reports of the devastating Tsunami that struck the region he had such fond memories of. Fate and destiny play their parts in the tale of his quest to track down Mem and Ice and his search to find some alternative and more meaningful form of existence.

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Trevor Brindley was born in the West Yorkshire town of Leeds in the United Kingdom, where he spent his childhood and teenage years.

As a post-war, early fifties child he was bought up in a fairly optimistic environment. He matured from a generally unenthusiastic asthmatic choir boy, avid Boy Scout and spotty youth into a reasonably competent and excited teenager in the thriving and vibrant sixties. In 1970 he trained as a teacher and spent almost the next thirty years in primary education mainly in North Yorkshire. His other ongoing interests included house renovations, garden designs and generally ‘hands-on’ manual activities. Leaving education somewhat prematurely, he found himself in his early fifties with no concrete future. He worked as a labourer, odd-jobber, driver, gardener and decorator.

Almost as self therapy and in search of some form of intellectual stimulation, he began to experiment in writing short articles.

Having always had a life-long desire to travel, he arranged a trip to Australia. On the return leg of his journey he found Malaysia and Thailand and he knew then that one day he would return to S.E Asia. He did so some two years later.

He now lives most of the year on the stunningly beautiful island of Phuket and spends much of his time taking candid photographs of amazing sunsets and tranquil waterscapes. These images may be viewed on His love and respect of the Thai people grew as he wrote ‘Mem Cries,’ his first book.

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