Migration to Outer Space

Migration to Outer Space

Young Fighters of the Universe BOOK 1

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Author: Jens Fitscher
Length: 86 page(s)
Written: Sep 2018
Sales Rank: 18 XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 348

Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Solar System, Spaceship, Science Fiction, Space Adventure, mankind, paranormal, stars, alien, starship, extraterrestrial, invasion, future, outer space

Experience exciting space adventures with Kosmo and Mato.

For 17 years now the wreck, which only consists of a few rooms, is orbiting a nameless sun. It is the only world Kosmo knows. Here he was born in the hour of doom. The uncontrolled wreck of the former settlement ship ONARIO has left the previously stable orbit around the sun and rushes towards it inexorably. Kosmo is completely on his own for the first time in his life and he has no time to lose anymore.
The 12-year-old Mato Urban leaves home with his parents in the second wave of settlers. The destination of the settlement ship is a planet in the Tau Ceti system. The solar system has five planets. The earth-like planet Ferona had already been settled by the first humans ten years ago.

The eBook to Go youth series by Jens Fitscher.

Experience exciting space adventures with Kosmo and Mato. Two teenagers in the vastness of space. Alone, they fight for life.

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About the Author

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Jens Fitscher war bereits als kleiner Junge begeisterter Leser von Science Fiction und Fantasy Büchern. Insbesondere liebte er die gängigen Taschenbücher der 70er und 80er Jahre des vorigen Jahrhunderts. Ein starkes Interesse zeigte er dabei für die Protagonisten mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten. Seine Geschichten handeln immer von starken Persönlichkeiten, die durch ungewöhnliche Umstände über sich selbst hinauswachsen und dafür mit übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten belohnt werden.


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