Mina's Amazing Adventures - The Riddle of the Red Squirrel

Mina's Amazing Adventures - The Riddle of the Red Squirrel

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Author: Samuriel Sternenfeuer
Length: 43 page(s)
Written: Oct 2016
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Category: Children's eBooks » Ages 6-12  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: cats, adventure, friendship, squirrel, courage, brash, exciting, Arthanan, Arthanan Verlag

Experience Mina's fisherman's story tell enthralling by herself.

An illustrated cat-adventure to read out or to read by oneself. For ages six and up.

I love to go hunting – looking for adventures.
And this is easy because there is always something going on at our place. So I get involved in dangerous and exciting things often or I have to solve a tricky riddle.
Just at that time, when Sheela – the youngest of our bunch of rascals – came home proudly with a dead squirrel but then admitted subdued not to have killed it.
But who should it have been instead? What could have happened with the squirrel?
Also others have not been convinced of Sheela being innocent …
Oh yes, by the way, I am Mina. My two-legged call me a cat of good luck ...

A few years ago something very mysterious happened and I can remember that day very well. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon in August.
I was lying on the patio in my chair and the sun was burning down on my fur, when all of a sudden a black flash, like lightning ran under the patio table and nearly knocked over the chair I was sitting on.
Sheela was sprinting over the terrace and disappeared on the other side of the garden in the bushes. But what I was able to see, before the dense foliage gave her a perfect camouflage, was a red, fluffy tail hanging out of her mouth.
Curious I jumped down from my chair, but I heard excited voices behind me before I was able to follow her.
My humans saw Sheela running through the Garden as well and ran they in her direction I was sure that her catch was nothing she was allowed to keep. And I was right.
Sheela was very proud and happy to present her catch. But when she was inattentive for a moment and started nestling around Lina’s legs a cloth landed on the red, fluffy piece of fur in the bushes and quickly disappeared.

About the paperback:
This children's book is complete fondly illustratet by hand and also in german version entitled “Minas tierische Abenteuer - Das Rätsel um das rote Eichhörnchen” as paperback and ebook available.

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