Mistresses of Scent

Mistresses of Scent

Legendary Women, Love and Scent

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Author: Jane Wilks
Length: 38 page(s)
Written: Aug 2015
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Category: Biographies & Memoirs » Woman biographies  |  Work: Study
Keywords: famous perfumes, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Mae West, Anais Nin, Joesphine Bonaparte, perfume and desire perfumery, perfume in history, Queen of Sheba, scent, famous scent bottles, great names in scent, the art of perfumery

A look at perfume and some remarkable women in history.

Jane Wilks is an author and owner of New Zealand-based aromatic oils company Herb Heaven.
MISTRESSES OF SCENT- LEGENDARY WOMEN, LOVE AND SCENT interweaves fun facts about perfume with the lives and loves of several extraordinary women throughout history. These include Mae West, Coco Chanel, Anais Nin and Elizabeth Taylor.
Women adore perfume. For most of us, fragrance is an enduring love affair. This book takes an entertaining look at the poetic and erotic nature of scent. It also summarizes perfume’s early history, it's makeup, the perfumer’s art and looks at perfume’s place in the world today.
If you have a passion for perfume, you will certainly enjoy reading this concise and captivating account of fragrance and its association with some remarkable women.

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Jane Wilks is an established author and lives in New Zealand with her husband and family. As owner of aromatic oils company Herb Heaven, she has written several books on oils, scent and herbs.

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