More Hubs that Provoke

More Hubs that Provoke

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Author: roy t james
Length: 70 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Oct 2016
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Category: Business & Politics » Politics  |  Work: Studie
Keywords: political life, unusual, irrational, views

Few observations, about the unusual in our everyday life and living

This is another collection of Hubpages that deal with a wide-ranging variety of subjects. The opening Hub explores author's claim to writing, and further Hubs discuss presence of mind, the meaning of life, future of politics in general, democracy in particular, and a few unseen facets of human life. How appropriate is our system of governance, and why we have chosen it, and what benefit we stand to gain from our party system, are some of the other ones. What is behind, our predeliction with the prohibition of alcohol, the popularity of natural things, and a proposition for a new style of government for the future, are few more of these. In each, he offers his own take on the origin, uses, and benefits of each, most of which introducing new perspectives to appreciate, think and discuss. He also present his view how, each these phenomena is something that has more than one side, and from which we all can benefit.

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An officer in Indian Navy, who after retirement, has chosen to convert to books, the jewels of his experience. For he was lucky to have had, in the form of colleagues, subordinates and superiors, a real, wide cross section of India, and quite a bit of the rest of the world. Hence it so happened, as during those years he being quite at home with people from entirely different backgrounds and consequently offered a kaleidoscopic view of society, he couldn't but reflect on human transactions in many colors, each of them leading to a horde of imponderables, human or non human, living and non living. Published four books, 1) The Unsure Male, a new look at the differences between male and female and what it does to evolution. 2) Caste: The Unexplored Territories, a new, bold, and different study of a perennial and the most potent social issue in India. 3) Glimpses of Autobiography, few thoughts, reflections and personalities that could have found a place in his autobiography, if he wrote one, and 4) Hubs that Provoke, a collection of the irrational, in what we see as some of the basic foundations of our life as a society.

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