Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine

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Author: Dariusz Kwasny
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Moroccan Cuisine

Introduction to the Moroccan cuisine
Moroccan cuisine demonstrates many influences, from its past times. Moroccan food is a mixture of Arabs and Berbers cultures and is also inspired by southern Europe, as it includes Mutton, vegetables and dairy.

Moroccan dishes
An ordinary Moroccan meal consists of main dish along with salads, sauces, deserts and drinks. Most popular main dishes in Morocco are B’ssara, Harira, tagine, beef and lamb mince.

Traditional Moroccan recipes
Some dishes are very famous and are commonly used in Morocco. These dishes carry old traditional taste with unique flavours and are the sign of Morocco.

Moroccan street food
Food in Moroccan streets plays a significant and vibrant role in Moroccan culture. It is full of aroma and spices. Most delicious food is found at Moroccan street stalls not in restaurants.

Restaurants in Morocco
World’s best international restaurants are found in Morocco. From cheap to reasonable and then to expensive all kinds of food is available there.

Delicious Moroccan starters
Moroccan starters carry a significant role in a meal. A huge range of starters are being used in Morocco like Moroccan salmon cakes with garlic and mayonnaise. It is an alternate of salmon pastry.

Moroccan side dishes
Moroccan side dishes are very tasty and play a vital role to make a meal perfect. Moroccan meat ball tagine with lemon and olives is a unique side dish with citrus and savoury taste.

Tasty Moroccan deserts
Moroccan cuisine includes a great variety of deserts. These delicious deserts are very important to make a meal complete. Cinnamon Oranges, Moroccan fruit salad, Moroccan citrus fruit salad and North African orange salad.

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