Moxeer The Terrible Seaweed Man Bio.

Moxeer The Terrible Seaweed Man Bio.


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Author: Hector Melo
Length: 7 page(s)
Written: July 1999
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Comics / Cartoons  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: Moxeer, super hero, comics, super powers, seaweed, seaweed man, Hector Melo

Moxeer The Terrible Seaweed is a super hero created by Hector Melo ©.

Moxeer "The terrible SeaWeed Man" is a comic book Super hero character created by Hector Melo ©. this is the Super hero Bio. includes also his super powers and skills.

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Hector Melo is a philosopher, researcher and author. He is a connoisseur of ancient religions, mythologies and legends. He has specialized in the interpretation of the Artistic expressions based on the gods of antiquity.

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