Author discovers a covert conspiracy to assassinate Donald J. Trump.

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Author: Sam J. Haim
Length: 182 page(s)
Written: Mar 2016
Sales Rank: 17 XinXii Sales Rank
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Category: Business & Politics » Politics  |  Work: Exposé
Keywords: Donald Trump, Trump, Ivanka Trump, Trump Tower, Trump for president, Trump AIPAC, Trump abortion, Trump Ohio, Trump Chicago, Weather Underground, Trump CNN, Trump RNC, Trump and Hillary, Trump and Melania,

Author discovers a covert conspiracy to assassinate Donald J. Trump.

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Mr. Haim is a former DIrector in the National Security Agency. ( Director code #0188 - Southern United States Region. National security clearance: Cosmic 3 [several levels above the security clearance of the President of the United States of America] ). Mr. Haim is also a former member of U.S. Delta Force [E - - - - -].

In Mr. Haim's second ebook, “A Murder Conspiracy Against Donald J. Trump,” Mr. Haim's ninth month investigation into the surface web and the Deep Web leads him on the trail of the assassins gunning for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is currently running for POTUS. The ebook focuses on two assassination attempts against Mr. Donald Trump and the formation of the pending third attack.

The type of explosives used in the March 22nd, 2016 Brussels attack will be used on Mr. Trump. Brussels was a dry run for Mr. Trump. Mr. Haim identifies the assassins by name.

“Loose talk, threats, insults, they have consequences.”
-Hillary Clinton in reference to Donald Trump (September 5, 2015)

There exists a dedication, preface, introduction, 12 very tight chapters, conclusion and small index. The ebook also contains 46 pictures. The ebook ends just shy of 160 pages.

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About the Author

Member since: Feb 2015
Publications on XinXii:  2
1990: Author suffers brainwashing/amnesia on the space station Elysium by CIA/NSA operatives (Not discovered until 2003 by Mr. Haim/author due to “memory leakage” or flashbacks.)
1989: Special investment adviser to the Ming Dynasty of China
1989: Hourly Consultant – De facto Central Bank of China
1989: Hourly Consultant – De facto Central Bank of Libya and personal adviser to Col. Gaddafi
1989: Hourly trader/CBOT for: U.S. Federal Reserve of New York (My boss: Chairman Greenspan)
1989: Hourly Consultant – Central Intelligence Agency (Nominated 6 times in one year for the CIA's decoration called the 'Intelligence Star'. Awarded the Intelligence Star three times in one year. (Normally, you can not be nominated more than one time in any given year for said Star.)
1988 – 1989 – Former business manager to the pop singer Madonna
1988 – President of Mustang Records, owned and operated by Madonna
Pre-1986: Former Director, National Security Agency (Southern USA – NSA Director code #0188)
Former member U.S Delta Force [E - - - - -] (attached to NSA)
1981 – 1984: B.S.B.A (accounting) from Chapman University, Orange, California
1981 to 1987 - U.S. Army Reserves and Individual Ready Reserves (Honorable Discharge)
1981 to 1989 – Married 12 times (widowed three times)

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