My Zombie Prince

My Zombie Prince

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Author: R.G. Hart
Length: 248 page(s)
Written: Aug 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: romance, murder, comedy, paranormal romance, magic, zombies, family, danger, funny, little people, television, prince, royalty, reality tv, mambo, haunted houses, doppelgangers

A new novel from the author of Zomopolis.

A new novel from the author of Zomopolis.

Shelby Bass dreams of being a tall blonde surfer chick in Hawaii. Unfortunately, she’s a redhead, and a little person, and is currently struggling to stay employed at the lowest rung in a mainland coffee bar.

Her dreams are crushed and her life is changed forever when her father signs her up for a reality television show called After the Prize.

The show takes place in a dangerous haunted house, and involves three three-entity (whether any of the entities qualify as people is debatable) teams: midgets, zombies, and clowns. It is here that Shelby meets and is ultimately swept off her tiny feet by zombie Sir Reginald Kincade.

But not before they face death, doppelgangers, and secrets to win the ultimate prize that will ensure their happy ending. Shelby and Reggie face danger, excitement, and tests to their growing love at every turn.

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About the Author

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R.G. Hart has sold several short stories appearing in anthologies from Pocket Books and St. Martins Press. His novel My Zombie Prince was published in 2012 by 53rd Street Publishing.

A paranormal romantic comedy, Zomopolis, was also released in 2012. Look for another Aloha Armstrong adventure, Bloody Betty, Queen of the Pirates, at your favorite on-line retailer.

He has sold several short stories that have appeared in anthologies from various publishers including; WMG Publishing, Pocket Books, and St. Martins Press.

His latest work is the Amanda Dark Paranormal Mysteries, Grind Manor and Hook Island.

To view all books by R.G. Hart click HERE to go to 53rd Street Publishing

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