A Nation’s Quest for Environmental Protection

A Nation’s Quest for Environmental Protection

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Author: N. Madera Aguilar
Length: 142 page(s)
Written: June 2016
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Category: Law » Environmental  |  Work: Article
Keywords: law, environment, ecology, jurisprudence, air, water

A book featuring certain developments in the subject of environment

This is the author’s work featuring certain developments in the subject of environment as viewed from the perspective of Philippine law with aspects on the matter where resort to litigation was had before the courts of justice in the Philippines.

Jurisprudence in the Philippine context provides insights on the wisdom, guidelines, precepts and reference which a citizen may avail in understanding the niceties of environmental protection. The author thus finds it a rare privilege to be able to share to the rest of the world the product of his research utilizing the available data in reliance to the foregoing. Through this work, the author envisions that at least, or in whatever small means, one who reads the work may have an inkling of how the tenets of this legal concern has affected certain phases of environmental life in the country.

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The author has done works which include several titles in non-fiction and some in fiction and poetry. He has been engaged in vernacular writing in the Philippines since he was a teen-ager. He is currently working on the translation of his literary works into the English language. He assures his readers, however, of his earnest efforts in seeing to it that nothing is missed in the course of the translation.
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