natural Bodybuilding magazine / 04 / 2008 / PECTORAL MUSCLE

natural Bodybuilding magazine / 04 / 2008 / PECTORAL MUSCLE

Just pump it!

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Author: K.Verlag
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Written: 2008
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Keywords: fitness, bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding, workout, workout with own bodyweight, pectoral, dumbbell workout, barbell workout, bench press, flyes, curls, extensions, quads, push-ups, pull-downs, stereoids,

Mass, strenght and a healthy body through natural BB!

Learn how to build up mass, strenght and a healthy body within 15 minutes a day! You don´t need any steroids or even supplements!


“The journey is the reward” page 2
Don’t put pressure on yourself

The “ Minimum with Maximum“ method page 4
Great goals at minimum cost!

Anabolic Steroids – Sport’s enemy No 1 page 8
Why Steroids make sports so unpopular

Workout at home page 9
Professional workout at home

Pectoral muscle workout with your own bodyweight page 11
The best exercises you can make at home

Pectoral muscle workout with dumbbells page 15
The ultimate workout with dumbbells

Pectoral muscle workout with barbells page 28
The most effective exercises with barbells

Pectoral muscle workout with gym equipment page 35
Optimize your workout with gym equipment

Titans of the past page 36
Frank Zane

Diet page 38
Protein and amino acid

Workout plan page 41
Gaining muscle mass with dumbbells

Anatomy page 44
Musclus Pectoralis

Kick It! page 46
Stretching in a different way

The 75 pound curl page 51
A short story from life

Dear Readers! page 52

Imprint page 53

Themes 05/2008 page 54

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